Bit of a technical note to show a step by step of what i did to get kismet to work on linux with a gps device (a garmin venture hc gps) and output the data harvest as an xml file.


I – Installing kismet

1 – getting kismet.
$sudo apt-get install kismet

2 – configure kismet.
For me kismet.conf was in :

This file can be installed in different places depending on your distro. I run Ubuntu gutsy. If you’re unsure to where it might be do:

$sudo updatedb $locate kismet.conf

open the configuration file as super user :
$sudo gedit /etc/kismet/kismet.conf

you should see something like that :

what i changed was :
source=ipw2200,eth1,kismet suiduser=[myUser]

This was on a Thinkpad T43 with this network card:
Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection (rev 05)

if you’re unsure about what card you have, you can list the pci devices with :

3 – run kismet:
in a terminal start kismet as super user:
$sudo kismet

The only issue i’ve found was that the network doesn’t restart automatically as the card doesn’t like when exiting monitor mode mode. To get it back to work i just unselected the wireless card from the network manager and ticked it back again. Pressed apply. sorted. There must be a command line to do this tho.


II – GPS configuration

1 – get a gps : ) im my case i got a garmin venture hc

2 – install gpsd

3 – start gpsd.
In my case it was connected onto usb port:
$sudo gpsd -p /dev/ttyUSB0

Make sure to start gpsd before kismet and it should be all good from there. Kismet will pick it up and start parsing the gps points along with the wireless activity in range.



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