Invisible Journeys is my first try at data visualisation. I have seen a few wifi geographical mapping, but they looked a bit too technical to my taste. Here, i aimed at a semi abstract visualisation while keeping the ability to extract sense out of the graphics. Below is one of the visualisation showing 4 different journeys. Bigger to smaller rings : London / Vescemont / Belfort / Barcelona.

Each circular item represent the recording of wireless networks along one journey.

The time dimension starts reading from the right then goes clockwise along the main black thick line.

Each successful node recording influences the time line thickness and adds a “pin” onto it. Red pins represents non encrypted networks other networks are the smaller black ones.

Technically i have been using kismet for recording the wifi nodes. Unlike Netsumbler (windows only), kismet dumps a nicely formated xml file for each session. The only limitation i’ve found was that you can’t use it with a laptop that have pcmcia wifi card. Those cards can’t go into rfmon mode (to constantly scan the network).

Once the xml file was created, it was then easy to get all the data into processing using the xml native library.

Next step is to pair wifi recording with gps. The good new is that Kismet seems to be able to handle both at the time.

More images of the ongoing process can be found on my flickr set

more later.


  1. Wow, thats some cool graphics you have there.

    Alvin.C · Jul 11, 03:04 pm · #

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