Processing sketch made on the train journey between London and Newcastle and Newcastle and London. This is an attempt of recording a journey, or at least a part of it.

On the way out the program was grabing a web cam input pointed at the landscape, then squeeze the camera frame to 1 pixel wide and rotate it through time. On the way back it actually grab only the first vertical line of pixel and apply the same transformations as previouslly. This was to get rid of a moire effect that happend on the first version. nice!

Well, it was fun and entertaining coding on the train and looking at people around trying to figure out what the hell what i was doing pointing that camera at the window all the time.

In the end it looked as i wanted, a bit like truck’s speed recording graph. Truck speed recording graphs are nice looking. A bit like seismographs but circular. I like truck speed recording graphs.

Train slowiiinnnnggggg dooowwnn at the station.

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