Research for the illustrations for the make art the international festival dedicated to the integration
of free/libre and open source software (FLOSS) in digital arts.

I stupidly haven’t taken any pictures from the final printed result.

All the illustrations where exported to pdf then i did a few color adjustment in illustrator, to meet printing standards. Under linux i unfortunately couldn’t find a vector application that could open and edit the pdf files that processing exports.

The only app i found that could open the pdfs was Xaraxtreme but from there it was impossible to break apart the illustration. Still it was a good occasion to see how fast the vector rendering was on Xara. Thousands of shapes and no slowing down.

I’m not sure what processing uses to export pdfs. There might be something to modifiy at core level so it exports to a more linux friendly format.

… to be continued


  1. c’est vraiment sympa ce que tu fait. je suis impressionn√©. continue.

    guillaume · Mar 2, 10:12 pm · #

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