After months of thinking i should redo my website followed by a few extra months of procrastination. Finally it is here [insert trumpet sounds] new web site super easy to update thanks to Textpattern.

I first saw this system being used for Marian Bantjes web site. Check her work out by the way, it is simply amazing. Anyway, I thought i’d give it a go and try to resist the wordpress invasion wave by the same occasion. So far, so good! I’ve updated the site with some old work to keep trace of it. Mostly sound reactive pieces.

The quest of the visual interpretation of sound started a while back when i saw the painting “fuga” by Wassily Kandinsky in display at the Kahnweiler foundation near Basle. Few years later i met the dudes from ixi software who where presenting their music softwares. Made in Director back then, it was an impressive work that this duo managed to put together. The interface of the ixi modules could actually have been used as visual display so people could see what happens behind the scene. They have since been a long way and kept on developping their project. I found it really amazing and it gave me the idea i could do the reverse and creating graphics based on sound.

Only problem was that i had to learn how to write computer programs.


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